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Brewed by the Bouillon brewery according to the Lamborelle brewery recipe, Airborne Beer will take you back to 1944. This beer is brewed like a fairly traditional Belgian coffee, although mild, with anise and cloves on the nose. It is unfiltered and served in 33cl bottles or in a replica of the WWII helmet cup.

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Airborne beer will take you back to 1944.

It was during the winter of 1944, during the Battle of the Bulge, that a young American GI decided to join his wounded friend in the makeshift church / hospital. His friend said to him, "Go get me something to drink. After a long search, the young GI finally found something to drink but his only problem was how to get it to his friend. At that point, he had a great idea: he just used his helmet to carry the drink…. This liquid was none other than beer. It was then that a local legend and our beer were born. A few years after the war, the owner of Brasserie Lamborelle had the incredible idea of thanking this young GI with a commemorative beer called Airborne Beer.

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